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The Whole-Self Ministries

*Rev. J's Self Care Station*

Wednesdays at 2pm PST/4pm CST/5pm EST

Jacquetta Y Parhams is a native of Los Angeles, California, and the world due to her father’s military experience. After attending six schools around the world, she graduated from Gardena High School, California. She majored in Business until she began working full-time as a Customer Service Representative at AT&T in 1980. Consequently, people service is of ultimate primacy in all of Parhams’ work.

Currently, Rev. Jacquetta serves as the Director of a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, The Whole-Self Ministries (Whole-Self), where the primary goal is to assist Black people who wish to get and/or stay healthy without surgery and/or pharmaceuticals to learn Wholistic Self-Care. Whole-Self currently holds retreats during the summer months to offer Wholistic Self-Care services and holds classes throughout the rest of the year with a plan to develop into a year-long Wellness Center. Secondarily, Whole-Self focuses on Black Family Caregivers, who are a growing group, to help them locate the resources they need to make their lives as healthy and fulfilling as possible. (

   She has authored two books: This Case of Emotional Rape and Self-Care: Make It Your Priority and publishes the annual Rhythm of the Drum Calendar. Her media experience also extends to having produced and hosted a health program on Public Access television and to having been the producer and host of her own radio program.

Rev. Jacquetta is the middle child of two parents, who remained married for 63 years, until the transition-into-the-next-life of her father in 2015. She surrounds herself with supportive family, friends and associates. Her life is all about practicing and teaching Wholistic Self-Care and Spiritual growth. She makes herself available to teach, preach, consult and speak to inspire and uplift, helping others to develop their own Self-Care and Spiritual growth practices.

YouTube: @thewholeselfministries

Facebook: @WholeSelfMinistries

LinkedIn: wholeselfministries

Instagram: wholeselfministries

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