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Attorney Nana Gyamfi

Conversations On The Way

Thursdays 12pm Pacific 3pm Eastern

Sista Nana is an attorney, professor, and human rights activist dedicated to the liberation and realignment of African people worldwide. As a self-described "Ghanaian woman assembled in the United States" with Pan African living experiences, Sista Nana provides a unique perspective into the challenges facing the global African community and their solutions with clarity, curiosity, integrity, African sensibility and wit. Archived conversations can be found at

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Sista Maat is the foremost caretaker of a wise 81- year old mama, and a wise-cracking 8- year old daughter. She is currently writing and producing Woman at the Grindstone, a documentary film centered around that mama, who firmly planted in her heart love for The African & devotion to rediscovering The Ways.

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