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Aboriginally trained, certified, & Licensed Natural Holistic Consultant specializing in Melanin, Aura, Chakra, Chi, & vibrational therapy. Tribal Chieftess, Ordained High Priestess, Reiki Master/Teacher, & Pastoral Counselor. Teacher of Japanese/Kemetic (Egyptian)/Ghanian Reiki, Pranayama & Prenatal yoga, & Transcendental/Western/Eastern Meditation styles. I offer distance/absent healing sessions, home visits, lectures, workshops, vending, energy readings, aura cleansings, chakra clearings, chi upgrades, metaphysical counseling, nutritional & herbal consultations, dream interpretations, natural stress management, bio-electromagnetic/energy readings, mantra advisement, doula (birthing(home/hospital) support services, rites of passage officiate services, & spiritual house cleansings.

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