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Dr. Karen Davis-Foulks


Wednesday 1pm Pacific/3pm Central/4pm Eastern

Dr. Karen (Khadijah AbdulMalik) Davis-Foulks is the creator of The Ark of Self-Healing & Self H.E.L.P. and Founder of 4 Advanced Holistic H.E.L.P. Foundation (Health Education for Longevity & Peace). Dr. Karen Davis-Foulks established Emancipate Yourself From Medical Mental Slavery Movement in 2009 and in 2011 she proclaimed April 30th as Emancipate Yourself From Medical Mental Slavery Day©. Dr. Karen Davis-Foulks offers NES ProVision Human Body Field Evaluations, NES MIHealth Sessions, Stress, Relaxation and NLP Counseling, Anger Management Training, Therapeutic Reflexology, Colon Hydrotherapy sessions, Life Extension Nutrition Counseling and Cellular Ecology training (support of the Lymphatic System). She practices in the *non-secular science of medicine as a Preventive Medicine Lymphology Doctor, and Informational Bioenergetic Health Care Educator/Practitioner in the Washington DC area and her services are not limited to the Washington DC area. It’s time to Relearn, Rethink, and Rewrite Your Personal Healthcare prescription© with Dr. K right here on Inner Light Radio. Get more information at:

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